November 2013 -Leslie Davis

I love L+W Estate Sales because they give me a carefully-crafted visit into history! Their standards are the highest, and each sale is treated with great dignity, respect, and delight. They are very helpful, and there is always someone available to answer questions, or help you figure out how to take home that very special piece. They are considerate, gracious people, and I appreciate the unique effort that goes into making each of their sales such a success for everyone!!


October 2013 - Tim Nay, Law Offices of Nay and Friedenberg

We recently had an opportunity to use the services of L+W Estate Sales of Oregon to liquidate the contents of an estate house and prepare the house to be sold.  Everything they agreed to accomplish was done in a highly professional manner.  They sorted through literally tons of contents to determine which items were saleable, donated or disposed of over 3,000 pounds of non saleable items, prepared the house for the sale of the remaining contents, and successfully marketed the sale.  Their website displayed the items prior to the sale in a highly engaging manner.  At one point during the weekend sale, over 100 people were in line in front of the house waiting to enter.  Lynne provided snacks for the buyers. We raised over $17,000 from the sale which was divided between L+W and the estate. They then donated and disposed of the items that didn’t sell. The house was then thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. Everything they did exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend L+W to anyone needing their expertise and team work.  They will be at the top of my firm’s list of estate sale contractors.


August 2013 - Rena, Community Warehouse

We put a small plug in our latest newsletter just to thank you and William for all the wonderful donations from your sale earlier this week. We appreciate it and you both so much. Cheers, and thanks again for all of your support for the Warehouse!


December 2012 - Daphne Robinson

Prior to selecting L + W Estate Sales I did a lot of research. I spoke with several estate sale companies in Seattle where I live to understand what I should look for. While in Portland I interviewed three estate sale companies. I was so impressed with Lynne

and L+ W. They were very clear upfront about the job that they would do and the time frame in which it would be accomplished and the expected outcome. The end result met all those expectations. I would highly recommend L + W Estate Sales to handle your needs.


April 2011 - Ken Willett

We hired Lynne in 2010 to manage an estate sale for us after my wife died, because I remarried and moved from our long-time home. My first wife was a collector, so we had everything from valuable antiques and jewelry to kitchenware, clothing and, frankly, junk. Lynne did a superb job of organizing, marketing, and running the sale. She brought in expert appraisers where appropriate, arranged for selected items to be sold to specialty buyers and consignors, and priced and displayed everything. Her assistants at the sale were knowledgeable and courteous.


When the sale was over, she followed up on unsold items, dealt with donating items left from the sale, and left the house clean. Throughout, she was completely transparent on costs, schedules, and any issues which arose. We were paid promptly and accurately when the sale was finished.


In all it was an excellent experience and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lynne to others and to have her manage our next sale.


May 2011 - Liz & Beverly McCormick

During our recent move from our home of 37 years, we had the privilege of working with Lynne on our estate sale. We were referred by a mutual friend and were pleased by Lynne's knowledge, support, and efficiency throughout the process.


Lynne provided needed guidance on how to tackle decades worth or storage, items received from both sets of grandparents, and a full basement of tools. Lynne consistently arrived with support and encouragement that helped relieve stress during a large move. She also kept us abreast of her plans, times of arrival, and time lines for sorting each room so that we could remain focused throughout the process. We were pleased with the results of the sale and the prompt settlement of the proceeds.


We highly recommend Lynne for estate sale management and have recommended her to our family and friends.


August 2012 - Nancy Brands

Faced with moving after 37 years of living in a house that had almost unlimited storage space (all filled) I know I needed help. A friend suggested meeting and interviewing Lynne. My first impression was so positive and satisfactory I hired her on the spot and never looked back.


After taking what I wanted to my new apartment, I walked out and literally left everything else to Lynne and her crew. She proved to be highly organized and a tireless worker who treated my "treasures" with care and respect. Though her own knowledge of values and pricing is extensive, when in doubt she consulted experts to get the best value. Her marketing skills and use of internet advertising was most effective. The sale was extremely successful and in short order the house was bare and clean.


Most important of all, she is totally honest and reliable. Everything she said she would do, she did. It was a delightful and hassle free relationship.



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